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Some may say that modern architecture is ruining our skylines. Yet this hyper-lapse of Singapore city captures the true beauty of modern buildings against the backdrop of a humid night sky.
The Telegraph names Singapore “the most beautiful city to watch time pass you by” (June 4, 2014)
Singapore’s influence comes … from the power of ideas, the ability to advance those ideas, and the wisdom to avoid common mistakes of diplomacy.
- Frank Lavin, former US Ambassador to Singapore, in The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs (November 8, 2014)
Singapore has the political will to innovate… Massachusetts doesn’t allow us to test driverless cars. [Singapore] is our living test bed.
- MIT professor Emilio Frazzoli, quoted in The New York Times’ article (November 16, 2014) on MIT projects in Singapore.

Dennis Yim, Deputy Director, MCI

BBC News app: There’s no better way to get a credible and concise snapshot of what’s making the headlines across the globe. Updated around the clock, the app is part of my staple diet of news and current affairs to kick-star my day.

The Onion: If you’re looking for a laugh-a-minute dose of satirical humour, is where you’ll find some of the Wild Wild Web’s best parody news. The witty, well-written site has the ability to make regular people and routine events seem like breaking news.


Lee Ling Ling, Senior Officer, A*STAR

Stellarium: Useful for anyone who stargazes, no matter where you are! You can even use it offline, as long as you can input your latitude and longitude.

Camscanner: As I don’t own a scanner, this is pretty convenient whenever I need to scan something, even when I’m out. Pretty decent picture quality too (but don’t expect HD; after all it’s free!)

    May 5, 2015
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