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In addition to [incorruptibility, meritocracy and impartiality], there are also values that we hold as a nation, such as the “happiness, prosperity and progress” in our national pledge. But what does happiness mean? To what extent should we pursue prosperity? Is the progress we want an egalitarian progress?
The idea of an official government inbox [OneInbox] is really neat. But they’ve certainly got much more to work on – not just solicit[ing] participation from their own agencies, but also raising awareness to citizens.

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Director, IDA

OneService@SG (iOS/Android): This app lets me report municipal issues such as pests and public cleanliness without worrying about which agency is in charge. It also updates me when my concerns have been addressed. (The app is no longer available.)

MyResponder (iOS/Android): If you are like me and want to use your CPR and AED skills to save lives, download this app and be a Digital Community Livesaver. You will get notified of any emergencies and the AEDs nearby. 


Senior Executive, MEWR

Sugar (iOS/Android): A great app for cafe-hoppers to get sweet deals at cafes. You can lower the price of menu items by “skimming”. The more people that “skim” a product, the cheaper it becomes! I once got a $1.50 deal for waffles and ice cream that originally cost $15+. (The app is no longer available.)

Runkeeper (iOS/Android): Runkeeper tracks the distance run and calories burnt. What I love is that it tells me when I’ve hit a new milestone, such as my fastest pace or longest distance run. This motivates the running junkie in me! (The app is no longer available.)

    Jul 1, 2015
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