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Peter Ho, Singapore’s former civil service head... is pioneering the idea of ‘policy games’ to train civil servants. Ho was inspired, in part, by a ... study of how firefighters make decisions in complex and stressful situations. They do not fight fires by using the logical stages set out in their manuals; they respond by using their closest experience to the current scenario.
- Joshua Chambers, FutureGov.Asia editor, on gamification in the public sector (April 7, 2015)
I asked our host [a public officer from the Singapore Ministry of Manpower] which countries he looks to for best practices, and in which sectors. ‘Hong Kong because it competes with us on everything,’ he said, ‘the Nordic countries for their governance model, and the US for technology and efficiency.
- MIT Sloan MBA candidate Jacob Auchincloss, reflecting on a visit to Singapore (March 18, 2015)

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Senior Executive, PS21 Office, PSD

COLOURlovers ( website ) : If you, like me, have trouble colour-coordinating your outfits, this website is for you. Great for designing websites, publicity emails or PowerPoint slides too!

Popcorn ( iOS ): A great app for checking all local movie showtimes at once, without having to go to every cinema’s website to compare. It even links you to the booking websites so you can buy tickets immediately.



Communications Manager, BCA

Find Your Friendly Building ( iOS ): This app informs me of user-friendly features in more than 3,000 buildings, such as taxi stands and lifts. This lets me know where I can go with my grandma, who has walking difficulties.

Dayre ( iOS / Android ): This app lets you blog on your mobile device. The user-friendly interface is useful for busy people who want to write but find it cumbersome to sit at a computer to do so.

    May 1, 2015
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