Our Mid-Year Performance Reviews As TV Shows

It’s that time of the year again: mid-year performance review season. Who says we can’t have some fun while we’re at it?
Step into the world of Singapore’s public officers as they navigate the mid-year review in a workplace filled with humor, camaraderie, and the occasional drama.

Winning Entry:

Muhammad Fakhrur Radzi Bin Mohd Noor, MUIS (the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)
Genre: Workplace comedy-drama

A series that offers a lighthearted yet insightful portrayal of the trials and triumphs of the Public Service, capturing relatable experiences and showcasing instances of resilience and teamwork. Step into the world of Singapore’s public officers as they navigate the mid-year review in a workplace filled with humor, camaraderie, and the occasional drama.

Episode 1: The Great Balancing Act
The pilot episode where we meet the characters and witness the chaos of juggling multiple projects and deadlines.

Episode 2: The Feedback Fiasco
When performance reviews and feedback sessions turn into a comedic disaster.

Episode 3: The Quest for Work-Life Harmony
Employees embark on a quest to find the elusive balance between work and personal life.

Episode 4: The Innovation Conundrum
The team's attempts at innovation lead to hilarious and unexpected outcomes.

Episode 5: The Office Olympics
A fun-filled episode where team-building activities take a competitive turn.

Episode 6: The Deadline Dilemma
The team races against time to meet a critical deadline, resulting in comical mishaps.

Episode 7: The Leadership Limelight
When managers take the center stage and showcase their unique leadership styles.

Episode 8: The Mid-Year Meltdown
Tensions rise as the mid-year review approaches, leading to amusing predicaments.

Thank you for sharing your ideas, Muhammad Fakhrur Radzi! You win an Amazon gift card worth $100 to fuel your imagination through Amazon Prime or otherwise!

Other Entries:

Mid-year review: A 5-Star Experience

Siu Yoon San June, National Library Board
Genre: Sci-fi, Comedy
Title: Mid-year review: A 5-Star Experience

The year is 3024. Civilisation has taken root across various planets in the solar system. It’s another day in the NLB outpost on Saturn. You are one of the thousands of rank-and-file workers deployed to Saturn, shuffling about in your ZuumMobile down the endless corridors of touch-activated holographic bookshelves.

You get a notification on your smart eyewear WorkEye – a soft pink glow hovers in the corner of your eye, sounding a cutesy ‘beep’. A holographic window pop-up appears before your eyes. “Important: Mid-Year Review, 12pm today,” it reads.

Panic sets in. You’ve totally forgotten about the mid-year review, let alone prepare for it. The corner of your WorkEye reads 11:41am. You have less than 20 minutes to prepare for it. Heck, you cuss under your breath. “I’m just going to wing it. What’s the worst that could happen, I get fired on Saturn? …or will I?”

Guardians of the GalaxCC

Kevin Peter Monteiro, People's Association
Genre: The genre of my TV show would be along the lines of a superhero feel because that's what working at a Community Club (CC) feels like on most days, when people depend on you to single-handedly solve all kinds of issues and troubles.
Title: Guardians of the GalaxCC

On numerous occasions, I’ve been tasked with 'guarding' the CC by manning the counter, answering all sorts of questions and queries.

There have definitely been times when I’ve felt that I 'saved' the CC by diffusing an angry resident or calming down a stressed-out resident. But it is also in these precise moments that I remember why I love being a part of People’s Association and Ulu Pandan CC.

These moments call for greater empathy towards our fellow citizens, especially for seniors who struggle with using technology and speaking English. Coming to the CC may be their only chance to get help, and this reminds me not to take anyone lightly and treat them with the right amount of care and attention, just like a superhero treats his/her citizens.

Storm Chasers

Nallu Dhinakharan, Ministry of Education
Title: Storm Chasers

In every episode, my reporting officer (RO) and I would have work reviews at a location of an impending climatic hazard.

Episode 1: Target setting in the middle of a stormy ocean
Armed with a compass, I try to steer the boat towards a direction and remain calm whilst letting my RO (who is even calmer) know that I have things under control. I set targets on how I am going to brave the storm.

Episode 2: Mid-year review under a hailstorm
This episode starts with us sitting on a chair under a tree, holding an umbrella, hoping for hailstones to miss us. I acknowledge that I can do better in some areas and thank my RO for her support and affirmation in other areas of my work.

Special Highlights Reel: Brainstorming in a drought
My RO and I find ourselves in the midst of a desert, where we have a brainstorming session with no oasis of inspiration in sight.

Season Finale: End-year review session as we drive towards a tornado
My RO and I are in a car, collecting data while heading towards a tornado. I’m seated in the driver’s seat, but my RO seems more stressed now. She says that she needs to guide me well and assumes control of the car. We use data points from surveys and research to make sense of our direction this year and do an analysis on how we can improve next year.

But our mission takes an unexpected turn as we drive straight into the heart of the tornado, vanishing into its swirling vortex… to be continued in the next season.

The Midpoint Metamorphosis: Rise of the Underdog

Athena Michael, Ministry of Communications and Information
Genre: Drama, Comedy
Title: The Midpoint Metamorphosis: Rise of the Underdog

My mid-year performance review would undoubtedly be a high-stakes, character-driven dramedy, artfully blending the pressures of day-to-day work with the humorous undercurrents of everyday workplace quirks. It would marry the sharp wit of "The Office" with the gripping narrative arcs of "Mad Men," delivering a compelling viewing experience that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, rooting for personal triumphs amidst the trials and tribulations of work.

Opening with a cinematic montage of early morning commutes, coffee-fuelled communication strategy sessions, and the click-clacking of keyboards, the start of the show sets the stage for a tale of transformation and tenacity.

In this show, I, the protagonist and a well-meaning employee, face the daunting task of showcasing half a year's worth of trials and triumphs. The tension mounts as I navigate the labyrinth of managerial expectations and personal aspirations, all while the ever-present ticking of the proverbial clock underscores the urgency of the review.

The narrative would be peppered with flashbacks to key moments from the past six months, from late night project completions to innovative problem-solving, with each scene adding depth and colour to the protagonist's journey. Meanwhile, a diverse cast of supporting characters, such as the enigmatic reporting officer and the comedian of the office, add richness to the story as their subplots intertwine with the main arc in unexpected ways.

As the episode reaches its climax, the protagonist sits down for the mid-year review, armed with a portfolio of accomplishments and a heart full of hope. The dialogue here would be sharp and revelatory, with the protagonist articulately defending their worth and outlining a vision for the future. It's a masterful blend of vulnerability and confidence that resonates with anyone who's ever aspired to prove their mettle.

The episode would close on a high note, with a teaser for the next chapter in the saga: "The Year-End Showdown: Destiny's Deadline." Viewers would be left inspired, amused, and utterly invested in the journey of the everyday hero who dared to turn a mid-year review into a stepping stone towards greatness.

Physical 100: Tropical Version

Sandy Lee, People’s Association
Genre: Reality TV Show
Title: Physical 100: Tropical Version

We need to build the stamina to overcome hurdles in our job day-after-day, and work in a team towards achieving a common mission. Although the end prize might not be the grand prize, we will do it again year after year.

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