15 Quick And Easy Tips To Spend Less

You might have seen recent news of bear markets, inflation and rising costs in a recession. Economic downturn or not, it’s always a good time to follow these tips to save, swap and substitute in small ways every day.
Simple tips to help you maximise your resources and save financially.

Saving money isn’t only about getting the best deals, but also finding fresh and creative ways to reduce spending. Here are some quick tips that can be easily integrated into your daily routine:

Karaoke to a Shower Playlist

Showers can leave a big dent in your water bill. Reduce your bath time by curating a playlist of speedy jams. Pick one and aim to be done with your shower by the end of the song.

Ward off the Electricity Vampire

Even as you sleep, many appliances such as TVs and laptops still suck up electricity when not fully turned off. Make it a habit to switch off appliances at the power socket after using them.

Switch up Your Energy Game

Another good practice is to use energy-efficient household appliances. E-vouchers are available for eligible households through the Climate Friendly Households Programme.

Stick to a grocery list and save your spotty bananas.

Stick to a Grocery List

Curb impulse purchases in the aisles by writing out a list of what you need to buy before going grocery shopping and sticking to it. This will also reduce food waste.

Make Smart Substitutions

Swap out pricier ingredients for more affordable varieties or pick up tips on how to make the best use of what you have at home.

Nab Ugly Produce

Look past imperfections and save more when you buy produce on clearance at supermarkets and fruit stands. These are excellent for immediate consumption.

Save Your Spotty Bananas

Freeze them for a banana milkshake or vegan ice cream to satisfy your dessert cravings. To delay the ripening process, secure plastic wrap at the stem.

Secure Free Groceries

Save on a trip to the supermarket by using the OLIO app to find and collect surplus food for free.

Step up to rewards redeem points or vouchers and use reusable toiletries

Step up to Rewards

Be rewarded when you rack up steps and complete challenges on the Healthy 365 app. The points can be redeemed for useful items such as grocery vouchers or treats like bubble tea.

Support Small Businesses

Give shopping centres a pass – scope out your neighbourhood for shops under the CDC Vouchers Scheme to get the goods and services you need at a lower price.

Use Reusable Toiletries

Investing in a reliable safety razor may save you from knicks and higher expenses in the long run, compared to using disposable ones. Switching to a reusable pad or menstrual cup is more affordable over time than using single-use pads and tampons.

Binge read on library or try out free events.

Binge Read on Libby

Skip a visit to the bookstore by indulging in a wide range of free e-books and audiobooks on the National Library Board’s Libby app.

Host a Swap Party

Have friends whom you envy for their awe-inspiring book collection or wardrobe? Invite them over for a good time to exchange pre-loved items and minimise spending on brand new ones.

Unlock Free Experiences

Experiences don’t have to leave a hole in your wallet. Singaporeans and PRs who visit museums under the National Heritage Board simply need to flash their ICs for free admission.

Sleep on It

When buying big-ticket items, you should sleep on it to make healthier financial decisions. The CPF Board’s Instagram account suggests taking three days to consider if you really need to purchase an item.

A Tip on How To Recycle Right:

Know Your Bin
bloobin tip on know your bin

You can recycle your items at large blue bins in HDBs and condominiums, and smaller bins in private estates. Watch the recycling mascot Bloobin come to life and dish out recycling advice via Instagram IG AR filters for bins in HDB and private estates. You can also check out Bloobin stickers available on WhatsApp, Telegram and for Instagram stories!

    Jul 8, 2022
    LEI NG
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