15 Quick And Easy Recipes To Try While Working From Home

If you’re running out of home-cooked food ideas during this round of working from home by default, Challenge has compiled several recipes for people with different diets and needs. Time to impress your colleagues with your newfound cooking skills at the next Zoom meeting.  

Prepare easy to cook meals the night before to save on time and energy.

Delicious meals don’t have to be complicated. Some meals require only five ingredients or less and can be prepared the night before.

Whether you’re embarking on a challenge to have home-cooked food only, or struggling to whip up wholesome meals for your loved ones, working from home is an opportunity to attempt new simple recipes and learn new cooking techniques.

Quick Meals Under 15 Minutes

For when your schedule is packed with back-to-back video conference calls and errands.

Green Curry Laksa

If laksa is one of your hawker favourites, try it in a green curry style. This recipe by BBC Good Food has received compliments for its rich flavour and fuss-free preparation.

Sheet Pan Chicken “Fried Rice”

This single sheet pan of fried rice is baked, not fried. Impress your family members with this healthier version of chicken fried rice.

For a mix of both laksa and rice, try this Health Promotion Board (HPB)-approved recipe for laksa fried rice [PDF], which recommends using brown rice and can be prepared in advance.

Cook kid-friendly dishes that are both healthy and appetising.

Kid-Friendly Dishes

For appeasing a child’s fussy appetite while you manage home-based learning and working from home

Marinara Spaghetti

This tomato sauce pasta uses only common pantry ingredients and some fresh vegetables. This one-minute video shows how to sneak veggies into the unsuspecting meals of picky eaters.

Support local produce by looking out for the SG Fresh Produce logo on the packaging. With e-commerce portals such as Redmart’s e-SG Farmer’s Market, shopping for local veggies is a breeze.


Are your kids bored of rice and noodles? Switch it up with this four-ingredient burrito. It’s a chance to let your little ones learn how to fold and customise their own burritos with their favourite ingredients. Time to wrap and roll!

Frozen Solutions

Petit Bowl caters ready-to-eat meals for babies and toddlers aged six months to three years old. It’s a helpful alternative for parents with newborns or children who are in the stage of being choosy eaters.

You can also use leftover food or ingredients to whip up something simple and delicious.

Five-Ingredient Recipes

For those with a bare-bones kitchen, these recipes make the most of what you already have in the freezer.

Minced Meat Congee

Congee is a yummy way to use leftover rice. The Noob Cook shows us how to prepare pork porridge with just five ingredients. And if you’re frequently pressed for time, learn the secret to cooking congee in 20 minutes.

Also, check out HPB’s congee and porridge recipes that use brown rice and instant oats as a base.

Grilled Salmon Fillet

Avoid the food coma by skipping starchy carbs. Instead, try this salmon recipe that takes only five minutes to prepare. The magic lies in the marinade, which consists of soy sauce, Dijon mustard, olive oil and garlic.

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Adhere to low-calorie and meat-free meals if you are planning to eat healthy.

Good, Fast, And Relatively Affordable

Low-calorie and meat-free recipes for those who want healthier meals or have stricter dietary needs.

Vegan Banana Pancakes

For a quick breakfast, these gluten-free pancakes require only three ingredients and can be prepped in advance. Pop rolled oats, ripe bananas and plant-based milk into a blender to produce a creamy batter.

Cheesy Mushroom Spinach Omelette

This cheesy spinach scrambled egg is a scrumptious dish packed with protein and fibre, making it an egg-cellent staple.

Follow trendy recipes on social media to reinvigorate your tastebuds.

Social Media-Worthy Food Porn

For those who want to stay current with social media trends, here are recipes that pack a punch – both in flavour and in visuals.

Kimchi Pancake

Do you know you could make kimchi pancakes with only frozen prata and kimchi? These fusion Korean-style fried pancakes are great for snacks and side dishes. Watch the 20-second TikTok video here.

Mug Brownies

This fast, fudgy and chocolatey rich brownie is an evergreen snack indulgence, and it’s obvious why. Simply mix flour, cocoa powder, chocolate chips and milk in your favourite mug and microwave for a minute. It’s single-portioned, quick and delicious.

Still Not Confident In The Kitchen?

Simply order in. Tingkat and meal-bundle services ordered in advance have several advantages over the usual food delivery platforms:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Ordering in bulk saves time and money
  • Healthier: More dietary alternatives, with some offering customised meals
  • Saves time and effort: No need to think about what to order every day
  • Less waste: Potentially less packaging and reduced fuel for delivery

Check out these meal-bundle delivery services with subscription plans and healthier options.

    Jun 10, 2021
    Kate Ling
    Ryan Ong
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