Your Proudest Achievement During Covid-19

The pandemic has caused severe disruptions, but some public officers took it in their stride and continued to pursue fulfilling tasks. Here are their stories.
Find out how public officers have taken Covid-19 in their stride to better themselves.

Winning Entry

We put out an exhibition in the middle of a pandemic.

We didn’t expect this, and were plunged into a host of considerations and doubts: How would the exhibition remain interactive despite touch restrictions? How can we encourage and uplift Singaporeans in a climate of fear and uncertainty? How do we bring people together even when we have to remain apart? Through many changes and innovations, we reconfigured the exhibition, developed touch-free solutions, and found ways to amplify voices of hope amidst the challenging period.

Seeing visitors engage with our material and laugh and cry over shared memories, witnessing heart-warming responses that call for a more united and gracious Singapore, and hearing how the exhibition has inspired and touched the public, has made all our efforts worth it.

Karen Ho, NHB

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Other Winning Entries

In April 2020, my organisation was tasked to assist the Ministry of Education in setting up temporary migrant worker dormitories in unused schools. It was a huge challenge as we had zero experience in dormitory operations.

The process was full of ups and downs, ranging from implementing feedback from the public to meeting individuals who are COVID-19 positive to arranging remittance services and conducting Zumba workouts to improve the workers’ moods. Receiving a simple “thank you” from the workers on their last day of staying with us made all the hard work worthwhile.

Through this experience, I was able to work with other ministry staff to curb the spread of COVID-19. I feel privileged to be able to serve the nation while broadening my skill sets and growing on a personal level.

Terence Koek, NYC

Given my background in nursing for primary and community care settings, I felt a sense of obligation and duty to the nation to participate as a locum vaccinator on weekends at the Vaccination Centres under the SG Healthcare Corps initiative.

The role has also enabled me to better understand the ground sentiments as a policymaker, how help to explain our vaccination policies better and reassure the public especially on their anxieties/fears on the COVID-19 vaccination side effects.

Jay Lee, MOH

One public officer found fulfilment providing real-time and first-hand assistance in the maintenance of mental health of others.

My proudest call of duty as a psychologist and a public officer during this unprecedented time is providing real-time and first-hand assistance towards maintaining the mental health and well-being of athletes, coaches and their loved ones. Being able to reach out and provide them with resources and support during these challenging times make our work even more fulfilling.

A challenge came when my team was tasked to oversee the emotional well-being of foreign workers housed in our various sports facilities. As we have not worked with this clientele base before, we contacted NGOs with the relevant experience and coordinated our efforts to develop mental wellness programmes and initiatives to meaningfully engage the workers.

The pandemic has provided us with an opportunity to connect and reconnect with not only our loved ones, but also people who may not be so fortunate to have received the necessary support and resources for these challenging times. We must continue to extend a helping hand whenever possible and live up to the standards, expectations and values of the Public Service.

Stevenson Lai, SportSG

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As a Team Leader at the ICA Tuas checkpoint, my officers and I have to don Personal Protective Equipment and come face to face with AG+ cases (i.e., Malaysian truck drivers delivering essential goods into Singapore who test positive on arrival during antigen rapid testing).

I am writing on behalf of all my officers at Tuas SPS Team C and I am proud of all of them for bravely carrying out their duty despite the dangers involved. I am proud to be directly involved in safeguarding Singapore's borders and thankful that I have the opportunity to oversee both operations and the welfare of my officers during these trying times. The risk is real, and I admire all the unsung heroes who risk their health and safety to fight this invisible threat so that Singapore can be safe.

Jimmy Chan, ICA

How have the changes from COVID-19 transformed the way you think about work and life?

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