Supersized Defence Against COVID-19: A Tangle of Dongles

The COVID-19 situation has added many new items we carry on our bodies. For now, it’s best to stay home and stay apart, but when we need to go out, here are all the things to remember to bring.

What does hypervigilance against a virus look like? Our ears, necks, belts and bags have become hangers for the small but important items we carry to protect against COVID-19: face masks, TraceTogether tokens, hand sanitiser bottles, temperature check stickers on our shirts, and more.

There are even safety distancing dongles for event participants that beep if wearers stand too close together – less than a metre – for more than 15 minutes.

Challenge imagines how the most COVID-19 prepared participants at future large-scale events might look like.

Besides changing the way we live, COVID-19 has changed our appearance and way we carry ourselves.

What’s a COVID-19-related item you must have on you at all times (other than your smartphone, of course)?

What’s the most number of items you’ve clipped on or hung from your work lanyard? Send a photo of your overloaded work lanyard and stand to win a small prize.

    May 19, 2021
    Ryan Ong
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