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Sri Lanka cannot and should not become another Singapore, nonetheless it can learn profitably from Singapore. First and foremost Singapore spelt out very clearly [in their] ethos… the need to entrench the idea of upholding the integrity in the Public Service.
— Nishthar Idroos, in Emulating Singapore for the Colombo Telegraph (January 14, 2016)
[Singapore] has seen countless government campaigns… Many of these posters were designed by anonymous commercial artists who worked inside government departments, and later on, advertising agencies.
— Justin Zhuang, in How Singapore Became the Unlikely Poster Child for Good Government Design for AIGA’s Eye on Design (January 14, 2016)

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Defence Executive Officer, MINDEF

Google Keep: I use this to keep notes and reminders on my smartphone. I like that these notes can be synced with other devices when logged in with the same Google account. An interactive online documentary that uses a combination of videos, photos and text to get people thinking about death in a less taboo way.



Management Associate, STB

Camcard (iOS/Android): This app helps me organise my name cards by reading and converting them into digital format. It links them to my phone contacts, and sorts them into pre-determined categories or by alphabet. Now I can collect as many name cards as I need or want, paper free!

Spotify: Spotify can customise music genres to fit my current emotions. It helps to refresh my music playlist and mental state, and keeps me up to date with top hits too (although I don't always agree with the ratings).

    Mar 14, 2016
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