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I used Pokémon Go to teach people about OneService and spotted so many cockroaches.
— Tan Eng Teck on Facebook (August 8, 2016):
An email informing me that my passport and NRIC were ready for collection came two days later… Immediately [upon] reaching level 2, my number was called up! The whole process took less than two minutes, and if I had stepped into the restroom, would have missed my numbers!
— Ong Chun Teck on Facebook (August 3, 2016):
Pokémon Go has only been released for about 12 hours in Singapore and it’s already proving to be more effective than:

a) the Health Promotion Board in getting people to leave their homes and exercise,

b) the Ministry of Social and Family Development in encouraging parents to bond with their kids,

c) the Ministry of Transport in enticing more people to use public transport…
— Lhu Wen Kai on Facebook (August 7, 2016):

Thumbs Up

Fatin Diana Sumanan
Executive, IDA

MyInfo: MyInfo makes filling forms so much easier. All I had to do was register and my personal information would then be auto-filled for selected government e-Services.

Memrise (iOS/Android): I’m an avid learner of languages. Memrise is a cool learning app that helps me memorise words on the go. It gamifies learning by allowing me to collect points, which is fun. The best thing is, the app is free and can be used offline!


Bartholomew Yeo
Tax Officer, IRAS

Instagram (iOS/Android): IG has allowed me to share and explore a lot more than I would have before, and also lets me connect with hobbyists from other countries. I prefer IG over others; it just feels more organised and clutter-free.

Shake (Android): One of my favourite apps. It allows you to open any app with just a light (or vigorous, if you prefer) shake of your device. It’s very customisable: you can choose which shake direction opens which app.

    Sep 1, 2016
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