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Do you often rush through lunch just to complete work, or avoid walking to the water cooler simply because it’s too far? If improving your team dynamics is on the agenda, it could be time to stop doing that because those casual conversations over lunch, and brief exchanges in the walkway or at the water cooler, are what builds social capital — the secret ingredient that makes some teams better than others.

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Singapore regularly holds hackathons, including a recent “smart port” contest and a GIS mapping technology challenge that encourage citizens to develop solutions
— Jennifer Alsever, “4 Smart Cities That Put People First”, Wired (October 13, 2015)
Singapore could realise a technological utopia where the digital economy generates wealth for all, while robots toil through the drudgery and heavy lifting, leaving humans free to do the things that they enjoy most.
— Gregory Cornelius, “Good news: A robot is going to do your boring job for you”, Singapore Business Review (June 6, 2016)

Thumbs Up

Tricia Anne Lee

Tricia Anne Lee
Education Officer, MOE

Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups lets me stay connected with my students and colleagues. I upload visual texts about a particular topic (e.g., consequences of drink driving). I also use it to facilitate my students’ submission of online links, assignments and photos.

ClassDojo: This site and app lets me conduct lessons in a more fun and interactive way. I can track my students’ progress using a point system, so I use this during lessons to reward students for doing well as a team.


Siti Hawa

Siti Hawa
Food & Nutrition teacher, MOE

Recipe Analysis: This site by the Health Promotion Board helps me teach my students about the nutritional content of different recipes. It saves them the trouble of calculating the nutritional value of ingredients for each recipe.

Google Classroom: This app lets me schedule assignments and announcements ahead of time. I can set dates for when the assignment will be sent to my classes, so I don’t have to worry if I forget a particular date to issue assignments.

    Jul 7, 2016
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