Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore

More than 40 innovation labs and spaces exist across Singapore, from the public, people and private sectors, especially in the financial technology space.
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Public sector innovation

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MPA Living Lab

The Maritime Port Authority (MPA)’s Living Lab is both a physical and digital space. Its physical space, the Maritime Innovation Lab at PSA Vista, houses projects such as next-generation vessel traffic management and maritime data hubs. Together with the PSA Living Lab and Jurong Port Living Lab, the MPA Living Lab brings together collaborators to test-bed new systems and create technological and engineering solutions.

Where: PSA Vista

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_Hive-GovTech

Hive, Government Technology Agency

This innovation lab focuses on digital government services. More than 150 programmers, designers, software engineers and more are housed here, working with public agencies to create services such as Moments of Life, Beeline and the myResponder app.

Where: 1 Fusionopolis View, Sandcrawler #08-01

Read more about the Hive

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_AStartCentral


A*STARTCentral started in 2016 for deep-tech startups such as medtech, biotech and digital technology. It fosters cross-pollination of ideas and interaction among researchers, corporates, startups, investors and entrepreneurs across diverse disciplines. The open innovation community is enabled by programmes and facilities, such as tinkering spaces and life sciences labs with ready-to-access tools and equipment.

Where: 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #05-03

Social innovation

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_SL2

Sustainable Living Lab (SL2)

The social enterprise and innovation lab helps companies create more sustainable practices and products through technology experimentation, community building and social entrepreneurship. SL2 is setting up maker spaces and running innovation programmes across Southeast Asia.

Where: Community Lab@UWCSEA, 1 Tampines Street 73, #B1-D119

Financial sector innovation

To encourage innovation within the financial technology (fintech) space, the Monetary Authority of Singapore provides a grant for setting up innovation centres. These innovation centres of excellence or labs can be used to test-bed innovative ideas and roll out market solutions.

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_Accenture-Innovation-Hub

Accenture Innovation Hub

At the Accenture Innovation Hub, you can learn about practical use cases for emerging technologies, and see how ideas are transformed into innovative solutions using design thinking.

Where: Accenture Innovation Hub Singapore, 38 South Beach Road

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_-DBS-Asia-X

DBS Asia X

At the Sandcrawler building in Fusionopolis is a space where the “world’s best digital bank” works with startups and the fintech community to “reimagine, inspire and create the future of innovation”. The space has project pods, co-working spaces, innovation showcases, and more.

Where: 1 Fusionopolis View, Sandcrawler #07-03

Deep-Dive_Innovation Units And Spaces Across Singapore_Visa-Innovation-Center

Visa Innovation Center

An open and collaborative space for Visa and their partners to design and develop the future of commerce. See the impact of artificial intelligence can have on daily life and learn about the latest digital payment experiences around the world.

Where: 71 Robinson Road, #08-01

Event: Innovation Lab Crawl

To learn more about and explore these fintech innovation labs, look out for the Innovation Lab Crawl happening in November, as part of the Singapore FinTech Festival 2019.

Types of innovation labs

Showcase or meeting space
A showcase for the new products or processes an organisation has been prototyping or testing, or a place to hold brainstorming meetings or training sessions where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged.

Maker space
A space set up with prototyping technologies from 3-D printers to laser cutters, to be used for quickly creating parts of projects related to the business, or for learning how new tools and techniques can boost the organisation’s work.

Venture ecosystem lab
Set up mainly to create new connections with the startup ecosystem, as well as source for and oversee venture capital investments.

Concept development lab
This focuses on creating new products or services, or testing new business ideas. Usually involves a team with diverse expertise in technologies, product development and marketing. These labs tend to bring in customers, business partners or other startups to participate collaboratively in the process.

How to get the best out of innovation teams

  • Clearly define the team’s objectives, strategic plans and the methods to achieve these goals.
  • Foster the right mindset of focusing on the customer and being open to failure, using new technologies and exploring different business models.
  • Integrate your innovation. Examine how processes can be improved and made more efficient to ensure your innovation strategy is quickly adopted.
    Oct 2, 2019
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