The Go-To Guy

In this first feature in our Unsung Heroes series, and in conjunction with Public Service Week, Challenge celebrates the indispensable people working behind the scenes to make day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Meeting Mr Rashid Bin Abdul Rahman is a bit like meeting a star. Office workers stop amidst the bustle of lunchtime to greet and ask after him. Everyone seems to know him by name.

Since 2001, ‘Rashid!’ has been the first name that comes to mind whenever something needs fixing at the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) headquarters.

Be it a broken chiller or faulty laptop connection, the Executive Assistant in Office Services will handle any maintenance work. The office dynamo has never turned down requests, even returning over weekends to prepare venues for meetings or events, ensuring almost single-handedly that everything is ready come Monday.

His proudest moment was in 2008, when SLA moved to Revenue House. As Project Officer in-charge of the move, he coordinated the move of all 500 staff members’ documents and equipments over a single weekend with the help of his colleagues.

Mr Rashid, 39, says being hardworking has been his “nature” all along. He is certified only in electronic servicing but will “watch and learn” when contractors are called in for other jobs, then try out what they do. Of reconfiguring workstations, he says impishly: “So far, nobody has complained. Nothing has toppled.”

The man who takes care of everything in the office laughs bashfully when asked about his own workstation, stacked high with files and papers. “It is upside down!”

He might seem quiet and unassuming but this office ‘star’ is sociable and humorous. He engages in office banter and is seen giving low-fives to co-workers returning from lunch.

Despite his humble ways, it is clear he takes pride in his work and is popular with his colleagues. “Everybody looks for me first. I don’t know why, they like me so much,” he jokes.

This is the first in a series to celebrate those working behind the scenes to keep our daily operations running smoothly. For previous stories, visit our Unsung Heroes section.
    May 9, 2011
    Siti Maziah Masramli
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