Mr Andrew Er, WDA

What could be more fulfilling than helping others stand on their feet and get a running start in their careers? Coaching Singaporeans through some of the biggest changes in their lives is all in a day’s work for Mr Andrew Er.
Mr Andrew Er, WDA

Mr Er is a career coach based at the Singapore Workforce Development Agency’s (WDA) Career Centre at the Lifelong Learning Institute. As part of WDA’s Career Services Division, he helps clients from all walks of life to chart their career needs and meet their aspirations.

“Together, we run through a range of career assessment and profiling tools and labour market insights, so that they can make informed decisions in their career planning,” he explains. “I’m motivated by the opportunity to make a positive impact on my clients and their families.”

Mr Er’s drive to empower his clients has taken him beyond his initial job scope to provide moral support and advice during tough times. One success story is that of Mr Hamid, former part-time security officer who earned less than $800 a month. Without skills or certification, he hadn’t had any job advancement for over 15 years. Struggling to provide for his wife and two-year-old daughter, Mr Hamid decided to approach WDA for assistance.

“I was struck by his determination to upgrade his skills, so I recommended relevant training courses to enhance his employability,” recounts Mr Er. “Mr Hamid was also able to take advantage of the Workfare Training Support Scheme to lower his training costs with a 95 per cent course fee subsidy.”

Mr Hamid not only completed his initial courses, he signed up for more and obtained sufficient Statements of Attainment to become eligible for a $400-a-year cash award. He also worked toward a Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications certificate, and received a “Best Learner” award on one course.

“It was tough for Mr Hamid to juggle work, family and training commitments at the same time,” says Mr Er. “Despite the intensive coursework, he studied hard and persisted. Now he’s able to give his family a better life.”

Mr Hamid has achieved his dream of becoming a Security Operation Manager, earning three times more than his previous salary. He says Mr Er’s unwavering support played a role in his success: “He gave me a lot of encouragement and motivation, and called to check on my progress. I was really touched by his dedication and commitment.” 

Mr Andrew Er, WDA
CREATING OUR FUTURE TOGETHER: Mr Er is one of the recipients of the PS21 Distinguished Star Service Award at this year’s Excellence in Public Service Awards ceremony. Look out for more coverage of this year’s ExPSA recipients.
    May 25, 2016
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