Trivia Quiz: Make Every Drop Count 

Think you know all the tips and tricks to save water? This World Water Day (March 22), test your knowledge of how much water these habits could save with this quiz.
Think you know all the tips and tricks to save water?


1. Check your taps! A leaky kitchen tap can result in the wastage of approximately ___ litres of water a year.

2. If you notice a toilet bowl leak, don’t delay getting it fixed. This can prevent the wastage of ___ litres of water a day.

3. Adopting a highly water-efficient showerhead with a 3-tick rating (compared to a less water-efficient showerhead with a 1-tick rating) can reduce water usage by at least ___.

4. On laundry day, make sure you have a full load first. Doing this can save you approximately ___ litres of water a week.

5. Washing fruits and vegetables in a container can save up to ___ litres of water a day, compared to washing them under a running tap.

6. Rinse water from washing machines can be reused for many other purposes. However, it should not be reused for ___.

7. Are you a plant parent? Watering plants in the ___ might be less water efficient, as more water is lost through evaporation.

8. For the most water-efficient way to water your potted plants, use a ___.

How did you fare? Check out your answers and learn more about saving water.

Trivia Quiz Winners

Congratulations to Michelle Gan (IRAS) and Jacky Kwan (HSA)! For getting all the answers right, you win $20 worth of vouchers!

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    Feb 1, 2010
    Erin Liam
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