How Much Water A Day Keeps The Headache At Bay?

The Health Promotion Board recommends drinking eight cups of water a day. Do you drink enough amid your busy schedule? Dive in to find out how staying hydrated can enhance your productivity at work.

Ensure that you are staying hydrated throughout the day

In 2019, Singapore was ranked the second most overworked country among 40 countries. According to statistics from the Ministry of Manpower, Singaporeans work an average of 45 hours per week. From poor sitting postures to unhealthy lunch options, it is easy to overlook one’s health while facing stress in the office.

One small way you can make a positive change to your health at work is by keeping yourself hydrated. You may know that the recommended daily intake of water is eight 250ml cups per day, yet still not abide by it. This is because compared to staring at the computer for long periods or having a shoulder ache from bad posture, dehydration does not yield immediate discomfort.

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In Singapore’s hot weather, and with some people being more physically active than others, individual water needs may differ. Find out how much water you really need a day with this hydration calculator, and read on to learn how staying hydrated can refresh your day at work.

Persuade yourself to drink more water

Four Ps to Persuade You to Drink More Water

Power your productivity

As the human brain is composed of 75% water, dehydration can impede the brain from performing at its optimum. Maintaining proper hydration can improve one’s attention span, alertness level and ability to concentrate.

Pass out toxins

Falling sick as your workload piles up can be an absolute nightmare. Strengthen your immune system by ensuring that your body is sufficiently hydrated. Water helps to flush toxins out of the body, lubricate the eyes and joints, as well as prevent constipation.

Positive moods

Did you know that dehydration can affect your mood just like hunger can? Studies have shown that not having sufficient water in your system can create an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, the natural chemicals that regulate anxiety and depression. Keep your mood up at work by drinking regularly throughout the day.

Preventing headaches

Avoid the dreaded dehydration headache. Insufficient water intake slows down blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which can cause mild to severe migraines. The next time you’re at work and feel a headache coming on, it might not be from a lack of caffeine. Grab a glass of water instead.

Trick yourself into drinking more water

Five Tricks for Drinking More Water

  1. One for one. This is for all the coffee lovers out there. Make it a rule that for every cup of coffee you indulge in, follow it up with a cup of water.
  2. Fewer sweet drinks. Minimise having beverage alternatives in the pantry such as isotonic drinks, fruit juices and soft drinks.
  3. Set goals. Make it a habit to drink water at specific timings. For instance, drinking a cup of water before a meal can preventing overeating and aid digestion. Check these water tracker apps out to help kick start this initiative:
  4. The favourite mug. Make your water-drinking routine more enjoyable by using your favourite cup or utensil. It could be a martini glass, having a reusable bubble tea straw or a novelty bottle design.
  5. Flavoured water. If you find water too bland, add small fruits like strawberry or lime, or even mint leaves, to zest up your zero-calorie drink. Throw in some ice cubes to make it even more refreshing.
    Mar 17, 2021
    Kate Ling
    Ryan Ong
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