Trivia Quiz: Recycle Right

Hint: Look out for these tips on how to recycle right hidden in recent Challenge articles!
Have you been recycling right? Test your knowledge.

Congratulations to these lucky winners for August Trivia Quizzes!

Prizes: $20 worth of BooksActually e-gift cards each.

18 August 2022 Trivia Quiz winners
  1. Siti Nur Hasanah [Customs]
  2. Hong Yueheng [DOS]


1. Which of the following can be recycled?

2. Which of the following cannot be recycled?

3. Which of the following is not a designated spot to dispose your recyclable items?

4. What percentage of items thrown into recycling bins cannot be recycled in Singapore?

5. You dabao-ed dinner for the family. After eating, which of the following cannot be recycled?

    Aug 18, 2022
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