The COVID-19 “Travel Log”: A Whole New World… At Home

Who would have thought that the before-and-after of journaling a year’s significant moments would be so different?

Travel for leisure is out of the question for some time. While we’re stuck in Singapore – and mostly at home – why not use this time to make sure you’re well-protected against COVID-19?

With overseas travel out of the question, why not find new ways to entertain yourself in a safe manner?

With a little shift in mindset and some good humour, racking up the COVID-19 warrior achievements could be just as fun and meaningful as collecting travel moments and mementos. It’s all about convincing yourself.

Collect badges that are a testament to  your efforts in fighting COVID-19.

Which of these COVID-19 “accomplishment” stamps or stickers would you like to have in real life?

    May 14, 2021
    Ryan Ong
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