Chilling Costumes For The Public Officer

As if 2020 isn’t eventful enough, this year’s Halloween falls on a blue moon. Time to reflect the year’s challenges in a scary get-up.
Find out which scary costume you should you wear this halloween.

The Depleted Signal

The fear that sets in once your device’s battery percentage dips below 10, or when the Wi-Fi bar is down to just one, is unmatched when you need to get work done.

What can be more scarer than facing limited Wi-Fi connection and extremely low battery?

The Long-drawn Call

Back-to-back meetings can leave one in a zombified state. This Halloween, let’s hope you’re not all dressed up with nowhere to go except for the front of a conference call screen. This ensemble is sure to elicit a scream (of frustration).

Long Zoom calls can sometimes leave you feel drained and lifeless, which is perfect for a Halloween costume.

The Bubble Bomb

If you’re not into scary costumes, this one might do the trick. It could be effective in warding off evil such as witches, bats, the coronavirus plaguing us all in 2020 and probably every other human too.

Don’t just dress up for attention or scares, stay safe too by following safe distancing measures and wearing a mask.

The Noose

What could be more horrifying than being fed with and having to fight false information? With this costume, you’ll be everyone’s nightmare come to life.

The internet is full of misinformation, and this can inspire a terrifying costume!

The Maskless Monster

Grotesque and gruesome masks can make for terrifying costumes, but with COVID-19, perhaps the scariest thing would be not to wear one at all. Don this ‘costume’ outside your lair at your own risk – you might just get fined and banished home.

With COVID-19 around, it can be scary and also “fine-worthy” to not wear a mask.

Which costume is the scariest one for you?

    Oct 30, 2020
    Chee An Lyn
    Ryan Ong
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