Cat-titudes: 5 Things We Can Learn from Cats

Challenge presents several quirky and practical traits we can emulate from our purring friends.
Things We Can Learn from Cats

From their fear of cucumbers to being able to jump five times their height, cats are fascinating creatures to watch. The abundance of cat videos and Internet memes is proof of our curiosity and interest in the quirky antics and behaviour of felines.

Cat-titude #1: “If It Fits, I Sits”

Nothing is impossible for cats. These shapeshifters can slip into any vessel as long as their heads can fit into the opening. On the Internet, you’ll find these funny furballs sitting snugly in odd-sized containers – not batting an eye at having to contort to fit their newfound spaces.

The Lesson for Hoo-mans:

Creativity doesn’t come from sticking to your comfort zone. Be flexible and open in seeking different solutions for the problems you face – but make sure not to get stuck overthinking!

Cat-titude #2: Venture to New Heights

Felines love to lounge on elevated surfaces like the top of cat condos, bookshelves and refrigerators. Being at higher location gives cats a greater vantage point and more intel on their surroundings.

The Lesson for Hoo-mans:

Knowledge is power. Get a wider perspective and strengthen your worldview by knowing emerging trends and reading from varied sources.

Conquer your fears and try out new tech to streamline your life and make things more convenient for you.

Cat-titude #3: Be Curious About New Inventions

Robot vacuums – a cat’s friend or foe? While some do shy away with suspicion, many others have made these robots their joyride. Cats love finding new things to entertain themselves with, such as random bits and bobs they can land their paws on.

The Lesson for Hoo-mans:

Embrace new opportunities. Conquer your fears and try out new tech to streamline your life and make things more convenient for you. Robot vacuums in the home, robotic process automation or chatbots at work, perhaps.

Cat-titude #4: Trust Needs To Be Built

When cats hide in cardboard boxes and avoid eye contact, they are seen to be awkward and aloof. Depending on the breed, cats may not open up immediately and need time to trust others. But when they do, you’ll be rewarded with cat massages, deep purrs and that famed “slow blink” of affection.

The Lesson for Hoo-mans:

Similarly, earning the trust of people takes time. In your interactions with others, through efforts such as being punctual for meetings, building rapport and being accountable to others, trust can be established more easily.

Your best work comes from having sufficient rest.

Cat-titude #5: Take Time for Self-Care

Known to maintain high levels of personal cleanliness, a large portion of a cat’s waking hours is spent grooming themselves. Cats also tend to stretch often and take plenty of catnaps, sleeping about 15 hours per day.

The Lesson for Hoo-mans:

Your best work comes from having sufficient rest. It’s also important to schedule some time for self-care and well-being so you’re less grumpy and feel more energised to seize the day. Purr!

Famous cats on the Internet

Famous Cats on the Internet

Meow Chef (@thatlittlepuff)
With a loyal following of 33 million TikTok fans, Meow Chef will amaze you with his surprising knife skills and humorous take on food hacks. You can see his little paws working hard to create the purr-fect dish.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat)
This cat has a distinct trait to stop your scroll on social media: his remarkable “moustache”. With his perfectly shaped moustache (actually a marking on his face), he’s been dubbed to be the next Grumpy Cat.

Lil Bub (@iamlilbub)
Captivating hearts with her adorable kitten features, Lil Bub was a brave rescue cat who overcame health problems from genetic defects. In her mission to support animals in need, her owner successfully raised $500,000 through Lil Bub’s Big Fund.

    Aug 15, 2023
    Lei Ng
    Lei Ng
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