Pets’ Tales Of Being Adopted By Public Officers

From stories of being rescued to basking in the limelight at pet-assisted therapy, four adopted pets tell their stories of living with (and sometimes bossing around) their public officer humans.
Pets in the public service


the doggy gourmand

I must have been a dog in my past life, reborn into a rabbit’s body. What else could explain my love for walks around parks? Or that most of my friends are dogs? I see them every week when my owner, Lai Yee, brings me to the local hospice and children’s shelters. I am quite famous there. Everyone wants to pet me, cuddle me like a human baby and take my picture. It can get tough being a mini-celebrity but seeing the smiles on their faces makes it all worth it. Not to mention, I get treats and free hugs! I can’t complain. I have a bit of a sweet tooth. In a rabbit’s meal of greens, berries and herbs, I always eat the berries first. I can even tell which brands of the same green veggies taste sweeter – my human Lai Yee is a chemist and has proven my good taste with home experiments. I have many non-dog friends too. One of them lives in the house with me, makes “beep” sounds and blows cool air. Among my companions at home, I have one best friend. He doesn’t talk much, but eats a lot. All I know is that his name is XiaoMi Robot Vacuum. Strange name, huh?

ID Card

Adopted by: Tham Lai Yee, Singapore Food Agency (formerly the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority)

Date of adoption: February 2014

Breed: Cross-breed lionhead rabbit

Age: About 6 years old

Hobbies: Being a veggie connoisseur, and snacking on apples and rabbit’s biscuits.

Pets in the public service


the loyal food-lover

I was loitering around my estate when my rescuers found me. Some kind people had been feeding me, and they were the ones who called the animal welfare group. But I wasn’t just hanging around – I was waiting for my previous owner. He hadn’t returned home for quite some time. I was starving, but I wanted to give him a big welcome when he returned. So, I didn’t move. Time slipped by so fast, I didn’t realise that I had turned into skin and bones. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing, because it gave my rescuers an easier time naming me. More importantly, my dire state led my forever humans to me, after they took me in for a “trial” homestay. When Daphne and her husband adopted me, they turned my world around with all their food and love. I never grew hungry again. In fact, I became curvy – 6kg heavier to be exact. Still, I can’t help but sniff out the aroma of food on the streets whenever my humans take me out for walks. All this food, but there’s only one of me. Out of all the smells, nothing beats my humans’ scent. Though recently, I've detected the scent of a new tiny human that my owners brought home. I'm still not sure whether to embrace him as family, or try and kick him out...

ID Card

Adopted by: Daphne Lee, Health Promotion Board, and her husband Noel

Date/year of adoption: January 2018

Breed: Mongrel

Age: Around 3 years old

Hobbies: Pouncing on my humans, especially when they have food.

Find me at @bones_the_mongrel on Instagram

Pets in the public service


the shy trauma survivor

My first mum left me after an itch crawled all over my skin and my poop turned watery. Lost and confused, I stumbled upon a mystical land of giant shiny metal structures. Humans call it a “car showroom”. I was little and could hide in a car, so I called it my new home. But after three days of being alone and hungry, I was flushed out by the people working there, who helpfully gave me food and water. The next thing I knew, I was in a place full of cats, called the Cat Museum. That’s where I met my forever human, Tiffany. She came to play with me every week, even though I just ignored her. I even hissed at her to stay away. Despite my antics, once I was well enough, Tiffany brought me to her home. I don’t know what she saw in me. One day, my skin felt itchy again, and I licked myself until I had a large bald patch, red skin and pus oozing. It was so scary and painful! Tiffany brought me to a vet, who said it was a skin allergy. Whenever Tiffany tried to clean and treat my wound, I would kick and claw her with all my might. Little did I know, she was helping me to feel better.As my allergy recovered, I started to trust her more and relax during medication time. Now, I sleep beside Tiffany every night and meow when she pats me. I hope she knows that my meows mean thank you.

ID Card

Adopted by: Tiffany Lim, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

Date of adoption: July 2017

Breed/Colour: Mix tuxedo

Age: 2 years old

Hobbies: Meowing for treats and conversation.

Pets from animal welfare groups are sterilised and screened for good behaviour before being matched to potential pet owners. Older pets also tend to already be toilet-trained. Find out more on how to adopt a pet from animal welfare groups.

Pets in the public service


the diva

When it comes to getting fed, I have one trick that guarantees a bon appétit in under a minute. You will only need your food bowl. Here’s what you do: bite a corner of the bowl using your top incisor teeth, stand up on your feet and slam it on the floor! Now, behold the sight of the humans scrambling to serve your meal. I do this whenever my human, Emma, is late for my dinner. It works like a charm. By right, bunnies should be chewing hay as our main food source. Yes I know, I have to do it because it helps to trim my teeth or whatever. I need to chew on hay even more since I nearly crossed the rainbow bridge during surgery to fix my long “vampire teeth”. I saw a bright white light after I was put under general anaesthesia – that means I nearly died! Luckily for everyone, the vets managed to bring me back. Can you imagine me gone? What a tragic loss that would be to all of bunnykind!

ID Card

Adopted by: Emma Ooi, Land Transport Authority

Date of adoption:April 2015

Breed:Lop-eared Lionhead (mixed)

Age:7 years old

Hobbies: Parading down the HDB corridors, judging the neighbours and sometimes nibbling their plants.

Unsure whether you’ll make a good pet owner? See if you’re ready to be one with this checklist by the Animal & Veterinary Service, under the National Parks Board: How To Know If You Would Make A Good Pet Owner

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