Banish Post-Holiday Blues With These Tacky Singaporean Jokes!

Your colleagues would find these either funny or annoying. Use them at your own risk.
Banish post-holiday blues with these tacky Singaporean jokes!
Warning: Sharing these jokes with your colleagues may result in side effects such as intense groaning, exasperated sighs, and/or eye rolls.

Post-holiday blues might kick in after a day of rest on a public holiday. To help with that, the Challenge Department of Comedy has prepared jokes with a Singaporean flavour to perk you up. (Crossing our fingers that they’ll do the job!)

1. Why are palm trees unlucky? Because they sway (suay – hokkien term for unlucky).

Why are palm trees unlucky?

2. Which is noisier, bread or coffee? Bread – Because bread talk. Kopi tiam.

3. Which MRT station is the oldest? – Pioneer.

Which MRT station is the oldest?

4. A foreigner was impressed that Singapore is going to produce many legal practitioners, because when he went around asking undergraduates what they do in university, most of them replied "study lor (law)".

5. Which district is the safest in Singapore? – Havelock.

Which district is the safest in Singapore?

6. Who is Kevin Khoo and why is he needed on every flight?

7. The strongest cooks in the world are the ones who cook wonton (one-tonne) mee.

Who are the strongest cooks in the world?

8. What is left after you pluck a strand of hair off a lion? – Singa-pore.

9. Which is the tallest building in Singapore? – The National Library, because it has many stories.

These groan-inducing gems are guaranteed to elicit a range of reactions from mild amusement to cries of exasperation. You might be the only one laughing, but at least everyone will have a fun start to the rest of the work week!

    May 3, 2024
    Marc Ashley Alexander
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