Caption Contest: Chinese New Year 2021

“Huat in your heart”? Book a timeslot for house visits? Chinese New Year festivities will be quite different in 2021 with the COVID-19 safety measures. Can you come up with a zinger to sum up this unusual festive season?

Winning Captions

Congratulations to Daniel Ng from the Ministry of Education (St Hilda’s Primary School) and Pamela Boo from the Auditor-General’s Office for their winning captions. Challenge received a whopping 452 entries for this caption contest. Huat?!

Celebrate this CNY safely by adhering to the safety guidelines

"Welcome to COVID Lohei 2021. For English celebratory phrases, please press 1. For Mandarin celebratory phrases, please press 2. For Hokkien…”

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Challenge Caption Contest

One winning caption will be chosen for each cartoon panel. You may submit a caption for either panel, or both. The writers of the published captions will each win $20 worth of vouchers. Indicate which cartoon your caption is for, your name, agency and contact details.

Each household should host no more than 8 guests a day

“Access de-nined again?”

    Feb 3, 2021
    Ryan Ong
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