What Do You Imagine The Public Officer Of Future To Be?

Challenge asked readers to share an image of their own to represent their ideas for the public officer of the future. Here are their masterpieces. 
Your Say public officer of future multi-tasks with heart

Winning Entry

Holographic meetings, conferences with augmented reality, automated approval systems, multiple gadgets and documents… the public officer of the future multi-tasks in a digital world with ease, while bubble tea and durians continue to perk up a day’s work. But what is most important is that the officer continues to serve with heart, no different from the public officer of today.

Yvonne Ng, MCI

Congratulations, Yvonne! You win a Spotlight eGift Card worth $100 so you can continue imagining and creating your dreams of the future.

Your Say public officer of future solving problems together

My vision is that of public officers from multiple agencies coming together to solve issues in a big-picture format together.

Tham Lai Yee, SFA

Your Say public officer of future more tech savvy

SCDF officers of the future will be even more tech-savvy with everything being interconnected.

Md Asri Sapari, SCDF

Your Say public officer of future readily adaptable

The public officer of the future is readily adaptable for a steadfast and vibrant Singapore.

Chai Ming Sheng, NEA

Your Say public office of future scanning food

For the future of food security and safety, our public officers will have the technological capability to scan food using just our eyes to check if it is safe and meets all requirements for import into Singapore.

Hawa Md Resat, SFA

Your Say public officer of future One Public Service

The public officer of the future steps into the world of disruptive technology to explore the endless possibilities that can be brought to the nation.

Kristal Kow, Sport SG

What’s one skill you picked up this year that has already changed your life or work? Share your story.

Send your entry to psd_challenge@psd.gov.sg.

The most exciting entry will receive a prize worth $100. All other entries published in print will win vouchers worth $30 each. Entries may be edited. Please include your name, agency email address, agency and contact number.

All entries should reach us by September 16, 2019.

    Aug 7, 2019
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