Your Say: Ideas for a Better Life

Last issue, Challenge asked readers to share how Singapore could accommodate a larger population while improving quality of life. 
Your Say: Ideas for a Better Life

Ong Eng Kian,
While it is unavoidable that there might be more waste or noise because of more human activities, it does not mean that the environment would be proportionately nosier and dirtier. In this aspect, Japan has done well through leveraging community building and technology. Yokohama and Shinagawa are good examples of how they transformed a port town and an industrial town respectively into eco cities, enjoying clean air, water, quiet living comfort and intelligent energy management. Singapore must do the same to leverage high-tech in its environmental management such as sensors in picking up signals/data and automated control systems in decision making and responses.

Congratulations, Eng Kian! Thanks for sharing your suggestions with us. We’re sending you a $100 voucher from a local toy shop for you to build the most awesome city of the future!

Andrea Cheng,
I dreamt that my dad had asked me to go to the bus interchange to get lunch. As I was lazy, I told him I would “ta-pao” chicken rice from the 6th floor. When I entered the lift, I realised the HDB block I was in was 50-plus storeys high! The lift even went to Basement 5. I felt I was travelling in the lift of Taipei 101! So my answer is: increase the height of HDB blocks and drill into the ground to create basements, if necessary.

Phyllis Liu,
I once saw a private unit that had two bedrooms, one common living and dining room, one main kitchen and an adjoining “grandparents” room with a kitchenette. I’m impressed by this concept that allows extended families to live under one roof, yet respecting their need for privacy. This, for our future generations, seems like an attractive idea.

Kelvin Lin,
We can learn from European countries by allowing boat housing along river banks. The use of a lake isn’t limited to the collection of water; perhaps a mini town can also be built in the middle of a lake.

Nuraishah Hamza,
Both current and future residents need to assimilate and interact in order to view each other less as competitors, and more as neighbours. Better community facilities can create common ground so residents, both new and old, should be encouraged to participate in activities there.

From the editor:

Ninety officers responded to our call for ideas but because of space constraints, we are unable to print them all. But thank you for sharing your views!

Your Say: Ideas for a Better Life

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