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What people are saying about Singapore online.

On the online portal STOMP… Singaporeans upload photos and videos of each other indulging in behaviours that, anywhere else in the world, might be considered mundane.
Mimi Kirk, “How Singapore got hooked on the Internet of public shame”, (April 2, 2014)
The haze will return with a vengeance if governments, environmental groups, companies and members of the public do not come together to take action.
– Elaine Tan, Chief Executive Officer of WWF Singapore, “We cannot be complacent about the haze”, (September 25, 2014)
Unlike with you and I, if public servants complain about horrible customers, you can bet they’ll get no sympathy. Just a cold ‘that’s your job’.
Monica Lim, author of the Danger Dan books, “In defence of the public sector”, (April 3, 2014)

Tiffany Tan , Manager (Corporate Communications), PA

Buzzfeed: This site has transformed the way online articles are written. Media platforms around the world, even news channels, are rushing to replicate its rib-tickling writing style to make their content go viral. It’s a great site to help me keep up with what’s trending and sharpen my skills in crafting content that resonates with online audiences. This app lists more than 6,000 activities at over 100 Community Clubs and Water Venture outlets, and also interest groups to join. I can check directions, find friends to chat with, and even get virtual badges when I reach a new milestone on the app.

challenge-nov2014-5Elissa Choo, Associate, MAS

Camera360 Ultimate: My favourite photo-editing app corrects the lighting and exposure well for photos taken in poorly lit areas. I love how the variety of photo effects enhances picture-perfect moments too!

Carousell:A great and convenient platform for buying, selling or trading items which are either brand new or still in good condition.

    Nov 26, 2014
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