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All Things Digital - November 2013
The metropolis of glass and steel inaugurates two vast nature projects guaranteed to boost the green quotient further and to enhance the city’s image as a destination for environmental tourism.
The New York Times names Singapore the 11th best place to visit in 2013, due to Gardens by the Bay and the new Marine Life Park.
Singaporeans appear to love fast food. The southeast Asian city tied with Chicago for highest volume of McDonald’s searches, and bested all others in KFC searches.
- Marcus Wohlsen for Wired magazine (September 28, 2012) in an article about Google search trends:
While the government has done a great job of loans and grant programmes, culturally it’s very difficult to push entrepreneurship very quickly.
- Ron Mahabir, founder of Asia Cleantech Capital, quoted in a BBC article (February 20, 2012) on Singapore’s entrepreneurship:

Thumbs Up

Lim Tuan LiangLim Tuan Liang, Head, Technology, Crime Forensic Branch, SPF

PrintWhatYouLike: "This website lets you print the good parts of any web page while skipping ads and other junk. Fantastic and ecofriendly since you don’t end up with pages of stuff you don't want."

Google Currents: "It’s similar to [magazine app] Flipboard, but allows greater selection. I can download all my content with a single 'sync'."

Nabilah SaidNabilah Said, Manager, Marketing, Corp Comms, SAM

Nerdist Podcast: "This features interviews with talented people such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin and writer-actor Tina Fey. The witty banter motivates me when I run and keeps my inner geek happy."

Singapore Biennale Tumblr: "We are super proud of our Singapore Biennale Tumblr, listed by Art Radar Asia as one of Asia’s best contemporary art Tumblrs. Look out for artist interviews and sneak peeks of their artworks for the upcoming Biennale, which runs till February 16, 2014.

    Nov 7, 2013
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