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[Singapore] has recently had big wins with its e-government programmes. Its recipe for success? Creating services based on the actual needs of the citizens, rather than the needs it assumes they have, said Singapore Chief Information Officer Chan Cheow Hoe.
Public service advertisements are not easy to come up with. Governments have to do it because some citizens need reminders to not drink and drive, or not touch random strangers. Sometimes they try to get creative, because otherwise how else can you compete with the hot bods in posters plastered over every brand’s commercial?
Rahimah Rashith, 10 Memorable Public Service Advertisements That Made You LOL, (May 13, 2015)
The go-getting entrepreneurialism of Singapore has led its government to agree to support the Indian state Andhra Pradesh in building a new capital city. It will be a stupendous 7,235 square kilometres, 10 times the size of Singapore.
Colin Cram, in Why Singapore is building a new Indian city 10 times its own size, The Guardian (January 7, 2015)

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Corporate Planning Officer, IRAS

Coursera (Web/iOS/Android): Have something you want to learn but lack the time or money to attend courses? Coursera partners top universities and organisations to provide free online courses on subjects from programming to finance. Learn at your own pace and interact with students all over the world!

Meetup (Web/iOS/Android): Have a particular interest and looking for like-minded individuals? There is probably already an active group of people sharing the same interests as you on Meetup.



Human Resources Executive, PUB

Airbnb (iOS/Android): This app allows me to search for many types of accommodation while on the go. I like the message function, which lets me easily communicate with the host via text messages.

MyTransport Singapore (iOS/Android): This comprehensive app that I use frequently contains all kinds of information including bus arrival times, parking guides and taxi stand locations.

    Sep 3, 2015
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