Sleep Your Way to Success

Amazing things can happen when you dream. 

The average 21st century adult is a busy, busy person – constantly on the go and juggling many demands, be it work, family or even socialising with friends. With such a punishing schedule, few have a good night’s sleep.

Yet, getting enough sleep is vital. Just like a rechargeable battery, we work best when we’re fully juiced up. Sleeping well not only improves health, it also boosts creativity.

Studies have shown that the act of dreaming (also known as  Rapid Eye Movement, or REM sleep) allows our brain to process what we have learnt and store it in our memory. REM is the fourth stage of a sleep cycle that normally lasts 90 minutes.

For every sleep cycle a person has, the REM stage lengthens, which means the opportunity to improve memory and gain new ideas increases. Paul McCartney, for instance, dreamt up the tune for “Yesterday”, the evergreen hit song by The Beatles.

So how much sleep do you need? Many researchers say at least eight hours.

If you want more Eureka! moments, you’d need to start making sleep a mission. Wind down by 10pm and snuggle up for some mind-blowing insights in bed. Who knows, you might just sleep your way to success!



    Jul 18, 2012
    Muhammad Irwan Shah
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