Keyboard Tricks To Quicken Your Typing

These lesser known keyboard strokes work in most text editors.

In general, using the Shift key selects text, and the Ctrl key makes selecting words and moving your cursor go faster by selecting a word at a time.

Delete a whole word

Delete previous word: Ctrl+Backspace
Delete next word: Ctrl+Delete

Delete a whole chunk of text

Before deleting, use Ctrl+Shift+left or right arrow to select the text

Paste plain text (after copying)

In Microsoft Word, hitting Ctrl+Alt+V brings up the Paste Special dialog box. You can then paste the copied text as unformatted text.

In Gmail, use Ctrl+Shift+V to erase any text formatting.

Remove text formatting (after pasting)

Highlight the pasted text, then use Ctrl+Spacebar

Make text ALL CAPS

Highlight the text, then use Ctrl+Shift+A

For small caps, use Ctrl+Shift+K

Make subscript and superscript text

Subscript: Ctrl+=
Superscript: Ctrl+SHIFT+=

Get more text editing shortcuts here.

For keyboard shortcuts for email, check out Get Wired March 2014.

    Sep 1, 2016
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