How to be a Bright Spark

Ideas are becoming highly valued and the people behind them highly prized.

For all who have given up on ever generating a great idea, here’s a lifeline — A Technique For Producing Ideas, an informal, deceptively simple book on the process of arriving at an idea, penned by advertising guru James Webb Young back in the 1940s and undiminished in relevance over half a century later.

What does it take to produce an idea? According to Mr Young, the question is in no way naïve. He thinks that life experiences make for a storehouse of knowledge. All one needs to do is to join the dots — creatively.

He breaks down the idea process into five main steps:

Little more than pocket-sized with a no-nonsense title, 'A Technique for Producing Ideas' is not your average how-to book. Delivered with an adman’s gift for brevity, it is a 48-page myth-buster as far as the exclusiveness of ideas goes, and 30 minutes of focused reading will have you really operating that most complex machine of all – the human mind.
    Sep 8, 2011
    Siddiqua Ovais
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