Sarah Lavinia Joseph, Singapore Prison Service

People always ask me if it's difficult or scary to work as a psychologist in the Singapore Prison Service. Personally, just working with human beings in general is challenging because we are such dynamic, complicated creatures.
Sarah Lavinia Joseph

What makes it a lot easier is a “can do” attitude and a lot of preparation. For the latter, when it comes to working with inmates, we refer to the Prison Operation and Rehabilitation System (PORTS), an inmate database. It contains all the information I need before I meet an inmate, giving me the advantage of knowing things about them before even meeting them.

Some background information goes a long way in building a better relationship. Technology and information help us build more meaningful relationships with inmates, and allow us to deliver effective intervention programmes to address the offenders’ risks and needs.

– Sarah Lavinia Joseph, Psychologist, Psychological and Correctional Rehabilitation Division, Singapore Prison Service

    Nov 9, 2015
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