#hearmeout: Tan Yan Fang, People's Association

#hearmeout September 2013I’m fresh into the workforce – seven months on the job – and still learning and discovering! I do miss the spontaneity of younger days and having more time with family, friends and myself. Work is however, really interesting as I have had many opportunities to interact with residents and volunteers when filming community events for one of our initiatives, CommuniTV. I see kids chatting animatedly with their parents, friends lovingly annoying one another, and strangers becoming friends. It’s heartening to see the fruits of our labour when people come together and enjoy each other’s company during the activities planned. This gives meaning to my work. My colleagues are like my rafting buddies, bailing water out of my vessel if I start to sink at work. When navigating, we tether close for support, yet at times slacken the rope to acquire independence.”

– Tan Yan Fang, Corporate & Marketing Communications Officer, People’s Association (PA)

    Sep 19, 2013
    Tan Yan Fang
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