#hearmeout: Stefan Tan, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

"How often do you come back ashore?” “How far do you sail?"

 “How often do you come back ashore?” “How far do you sail?”

Such questions from friends and relatives amuse yet remind me how meaningful my work is in raising awareness of Singapore’s maritime industry. The bulk of my work is carried out on land, where I share with the public how key maritime sectors (e.g., shipping, port, marine and offshore engineering, and maritime services) contribute to Singapore’s development. Imagine the looks of bewilderment when I reveal what I’ve been busy with: a fashion parade of maritime-inspired outfits designed by students; an 11-obstacle Spartan Race to motivate participants to display the spirit of Maritime Singapore – vital, versatile, resilient; a collaboration with youths to create a maritime-inspired scent; and partnering students to document our lighthouses using drones. Through these platforms, we inspire youths to explore the dynamism of Singapore’s maritime industry, in an effort to recruit talents who will drive our future growth as an international maritime centre.

— Stefan Tan, Assistant Manager (Community Engagement), Communications & Community Division, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

    Nov 1, 2016
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