#hearmeout: Chris Chan, Ministry of Social and Family Development

Thoughts of a young public officer.
Chris Chan

Working in media relations can be intense! It really gets my adrenaline pumping when so many media queries flood in at the same time, and they all expect really quick responses. Being a communications professional in the Public Service is challenging, because the public expects very high standards, and we have to do our best to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. We have to understand the policies and functions of various departments well, and adapt quickly to changes. It’s only been a couple of months so far at work, but I like the challenge and it keeps me on my toes. It’s great to be working with quirky and funny colleagues too – a hearty laugh is never far away even after a long day in office.

– Chris Chan, Executive, Communications and International Relations Division, Ministry of Social and Family Development

    Nov 26, 2014
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