Trivia Quiz Vol. 8 2020

Five e-gift cards worth $20 from Books Actually to be won!

Submit your answers by April 30, 2020.

Winners of the Challenge VOL. #8 Trivia Quiz will be published online.

Submit your answers by April 30, 2020


1. How many hours have been saved so far in the Public Service as a result of the Million Hours Challenge?
2. What is the Open Government Products team encouraging public officers to do?
3. How will the Government Data Architecture support data sharing?
4. Which of the following statements about poetry and policy is incorrect?
5. Which option below best describes short-term accommodation?

Personal Details

Congratulations to the winners of the Challenge Vol. #7 Trivia Quiz!

  1. Suhaimi Bin Zainal Shah (MOE)
  2. Nur Liyana Osman (MOE)
  3. Tham Lai Yee (SFA)
  4. Gail Tan (MSF)
  5. Yap Lay Hong (NLB)
    Mar 11, 2020
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