Trivia Quiz Vol. 6 2019

Submit your answers by Oct 25, 2019.

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trivia quiz for vol 6, article


1. NLB officer Chan Wai Ling went on an attachment at Singapore Airlines as part of the Public Service Division’s Service Delivery Talent Attachment Programme. There, she was part of Project ECO. What does ECO stand for?

2. There are several methods that Permanent Secretary (Trade and Industry) Gabriel Lim uses to inspire his officers. Which of the following method is not true?

3. How many man-hours did Urban Redevelopment Authority officer Muhammad Syafi’e Bin Sa’at save by creating his Geographic Information System software tool, EPIC-ker?

4. Mr Jason Quek is a Workplace Safety and Health Committee member and fire safety manager at Republic Polytechnic. Which of the following is not his actual job responsibility?

5. What was Fort Canning Park once known as, in Malay?

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Congratulations to the winners of the Challenge Vol. 5 Trivia Quiz!

Hakim Yusof (PA)
Sebastian Tan (SPS)
Diane Wong (MOE)
Ng Tze Shien (NCSS)
Phua Zai Rong (HSA)

    Oct 2, 2019
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