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1. Besides the Botanic Gardens, where in Singapore can you spot Tiger Orchid plants?
2. NParks’ Gardening with Edibles programme was launched on ___________ to promote the growing of food plants as an activity to encourage community and family bonding.
3. How long have Guan Ing and Susanna been volunteering with NParks?

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Congratulations to these lucky winners for July Trivia Quizzes!

  1. 9 July 2020 Trivia Quiz winners
    1. Lee Sie Min [MOE]
    2. Annie Ang [SLA]
  2. 30 July 2020 Trivia Quiz winners
    1. Lim Lian Nah Samantha [HDB]
    2. Alison Lee [BTI, A*STAR]
    Aug 13, 2020
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