Irreverent Book Recommendations For The Everyday Singaporean

Know the importance of reading but never fancied yourself a reader? You just haven’t found the right book. Challenge contributor Tan Yu Lin, Manager (Volunteers Management) at the National Library Board, offers several book recommendations you can borrow from our public libraries.

Here are some titles that might turn you into a bookworm if you aren’t already one.

For Anyone Who Has Been Feeling Constantly Anxious Since COVID-19

The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and the Horse
by Charlie Mackesy

“When the big things feel out of control, focus on what you love right under your nose.”

There has been so much to take in with COVID-19. Go on a soothing ride with the boy, mole, fox, and horse in this beautifully illustrated title by Charlie Mackesy.

Then, breathe.

If you reading something short and dreamy, then maybe the following books are up your alley.

For Readers Who Prefer Consuming in Short, Dreamy Bursts

What Gives Us Our Names
by Alvin Pang

What makes us human? Local poet Alvin Pang personifies emotions and traits, bringing a new beauty to familiar words like “Community”, “Hope”, “Courage”. Whilst dream-like, the brevity of each piece brings out individual characters that linger and charm. This short poetry collection is anything but kitschy.

For Knowledge Workers Who Feel They Have To Speak up To Stand Out

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in A World That Can't Stop Talking
by Susan Cain

Discover the value of quiet with Susan Cain, as she puts together a compelling argument on the strengths of introverts and the importance of solitude. Perfect also for those looking to understand different temperaments and how to run meetings so that everyone loud or quiet can contribute effectively.

Want to make a statement as an introvert? Pick up a book by Susan Cain.

For Public Officers Who Love Making up Stories About Their Own World

by Jean Tay

A potential en-bloc sale drives apart an elderly woman reluctant to move and her property agent son, Boon, who is desperate to upgrade. At the same time, civil servant Jeremiah literally wakes the dead to interview relevant stakeholders before exhuming their graves. Their worlds collide and a choice between memories and progress has to be made.

For Those Suffering From Wanderlust and Too Much Work-From-Home

Between Stations
by Boey Kim Cheng

Take an epic trip with Singaporean poet Boey Kim Cheng’s travel memoir through India, China, Egypt and Morocco. He masterfully weaves together a sensorial experience that brings to life these exotic places.

For the Worker Who Needs a Kick in the Butt To Get Started

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
by Simon Sinek

For those feeling stuck, a good way would be starting with ‘why’ to find the potential deeper meaning in your work. Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle framework is an easy tool for staying crystal clear in your purpose for every decision made.

If you are feeling stuck, then Simon Sinek’s Start With Why may give you some long-needed direction.

For Grown-ups Who Have Fallen Out of Love With Reading

Barely Functional Adult: It’ll All Make Sense Eventually
by Meichi Ng

This graphic novel is not for deplorably responsible humans. Meichi Ng perfectly illustrates the joys and terrors of “adulting”. So, go ahead, navigate the intricacies of adulthood with a good laugh and know that you are not alone.

For Those With Bosses Who Are Always Asking for New Ideas

Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad
by Austin Kleon

With 10 simple rules, artist and author Austin Kleon breezily hands readers the keys to unlock their creativity. The principles are timeless and seem deceptively easy, but as with all things, discipline is key.

Or maybe suggest to your bosses and colleagues to read this book.

the annual read! fest runs from June 25 to July 18.

The annual Read! Fest runs from June 25 to July 18 with the theme of Reboot. Check out the free talks and events on the National Reading Movement website.

For the Minimalist Who Lives and Travels Light

If you have no storage space, can never decide what to read or venturing to the world outside feels too fraught with danger, just download the Libby App to access hundreds of thousands of eBooks and the latest eMagazines at your fingertips.

TIP: Download the NLB Mobile app to borrow an e-copy or check their availability at your nearest library branch.

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    Jul 1, 2021
    Tan Yu Lin
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