Your Public Service Week Persona

During Public Service Week (PSW), some officers rush to sign up for courses and programmes while others like to go with the flow. From Kancheong Kings to Aloof Attendees, find out your PSW persona by taking this simple test.
Find out your Public Service Week persona by answering these simple questions.
  1. Upon receiving the first PSW eDM, you…
    1. Forward it to five other colleagues
    2. Click to the website’s Promotions page
    3. Read the entire eDM at least twice
    4. Scan through quickly and delete it
  2. At virtual events, you are most likely to…
    1. Listen intently to the presentation
    2. Attend because it’s free
    3. Do a background check on the speakers
    4. Multi-task because meeting your work deadlines is your greatest priority
  3. At the office you are known as…
    1. The model employee
    2. The Public Service perk-lover
    3. The detail-oriented staffer
    4. The practical worker
  4. When it comes to work, you believe in…
    1. Constantly improving your skills
    2. Serving sincerely and to your best ability
    3. Taking time to think clearly
    4. Working well as a team
  5. After PSW, you hope to…
    1. Gain insights from Learning Sessions
    2. Mingle with others during the free online social activities
    3. Send useful feedback to the organisers
    4. Continue working as usual

If you chose...

If you are enthusiastic about continual lifelong learning, then you might be a Fastest Finger Felix.

Mostly As: Fastest Finger Felix

Every year without fail, you enthusiastically encourage your colleagues to take part in PSW. You believe in constantly learning and improving to advance your career. Kancheong Kings can be found camping at the PSW website to chope all the Learning Festival slots.

As someone determined to find the best deals, perk lover Patrick might be a persona that best represents your discount-loving soul.

Mostly Bs: Perk Lover Patrick

Perk Lovers are all about the discounts! Your determination to take part in all the PSW quizzes and win as many vouchers as possible is unmatched. A “work hard, play hard” attitude is common in Perk Lover Patricks.

Maybe you’re more like eagle-eyed Ernest,  a detail-oriented person who takes time to scrutinise government-related eDMs.

Mostly Cs: Eagle-eyed Ernest

You are detail-oriented and always prepared. Often, you find yourself reading through all government-related eDMs, scouring for errors. Eagle-eyed Ernests keep the PSW organisers on their toes and constantly improving.

Favouring a good work-life balance may make you more of a practical Paula, who isn’t a big fan of virtual events.

Mostly Ds: Practical Paula

You are not the biggest fan of virtual events and believe in having a good work-life balance. Practical Paulas might find themselves binning all emails with “PSW” in the subject title. Try to keep an open mind when attending your next event, as you may learn something useful for yourself!

    Oct 9, 2020
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