What Your WFH Style Says About You

Are you really a couch potato if you are working from your sofa? We think not. Where and when you work at home can say a lot about your working style. Which one are you?
Find out which working style you adhere to when working from home.
If you don’t speak unless prompted, then you’re probably the Zoom Ghost.

The Zoom Ghost

  • Never speaks unless prompted, even with their video and mic on (but combed their hair just in case)
  • Probably multi-tasking during the meeting
Putting in overtime just so you can fit more things in your schedule? Then your working style might be closer to a Flexible Work Arrangement.

The Flexible Work Arrangement

  • Works overtime today so that they can attend spin class tomorrow
  • Trying to push for bi-weekly team yoga
It takes a great deal of focus to work in an environment filled with family.

The Full House

  • You often hear their children and pets during work calls
  • Probably cooking dinner during meetings
If you’re more of a night owl, then you might be familiar with the Midday Nap work style.

The Midday Nap

  • Three emails away from falling asleep (but will never admit it)
  • Chiongs their work at night and schedules emails for the next morning
Addicted to your morning kopi-o even though you are lactose intolerant? Then you’re probably the Doing Business-person.

The Doing Business-Person

  • Is lactose intolerant, but couldn’t resist a morning kopi-o
  • Can’t turn their video/mic on because the “computer is having problems”
Dressed up and ready for action? Then you are the Model Worker.

The Model Worker

  • Enters the meeting waiting room 10 minutes early
  • Always dresses up and has the video function switched on
  • Ready to return to the office any time
If your colleagues are wondering if you’re online, then you can claim the title as the AFK.

The AFK (Away From Keyboard)

  • Saw your text but pretended to be offline
  • Still sian from the Monday blues (even though it’s Thursday)

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    Sep 22, 2021
    Hidayah Md Sham
    Ryan Ong
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