What Does Your Favourite Emoji Say About You?

Are you the life of the party, or are you the easygoing friend that everyone can rely on? Read on to find out what your favourite emoji says about your personality.
Emojis woven into our communications can speak volumes about our personalities

1. Party Face Emoji

party face emoji

Whether it’s a promotion, a Friday night, or simply making it through the day, you’ll find reasons to rejoice in every situation if this is your favourite emoji.

You’re the kind of person who celebrates finding matching socks as if you’ve just won the lottery – and honestly, who can blame you?

You turn mundane moments into full-blown celebrations, and your enthusiasm is so contagious that even introverts can’t resist joining the party.

2. Thumbs-up Emoji

thumbs-up emoji

Easygoing and agreeable, the thumbs-up emoji enthusiast is the friend who always effortlessly goes with the flow.

Your positivity makes you the ultimate team player in any group, and your ability to adapt and support others makes you the glue that holds social circles together.

People naturally gravitate towards your enthusiasm, so keep spreading those good vibes!

3. Smiling Face With Sunglasses

Smiling face with sunglasses

You effortlessly exude an air of coolness with your breezy personality and embrace a carefree attitude that others can’t help but admire.

People look at you and think, “Is this person for real, or did they just step out of a fashion magazine?” You’re the living, breathing embodiment of the phrase “too cool for school”.

No matter the situation, you always maintain your composure and style. Cool!

4. Face With Steam From Nose Emoji

Face with steam from nose emoji

If this is your signature emoji, you’re the master of eye rolls and sighs.

Your friends can always count on you to share your latest pet peeve, whether it’s the queue jumpers during hawker centres rush hours or the unpredictable weather turning your day into a waterlogged adventure.

Despite your state of perpetual annoyance, you bring a unique blend of honesty and wit to every conversation.

5. Smirking Face Emoji

Smirking face emoji

You have a sly sense of humour and enjoy keeping people on their toes.

Predictability is not your style – you’ve mastered the element of surprise and are always armed with a mischievous plan.

Your friends have come to expect the unexpected whenever you’re in their company. Although they might never fully decipher your mischievous plans, they know that it’ll definitely be entertaining.

6. Smiling Face With Single Tear Emoji

Smiling face with single tear emoji

The smiling face with a single tear emoji conveys a sense of resilience. If this is your favourite emoji, you always manage to maintain your composure even when navigating the toughest of challenges.

You don’t let your difficulties dim your inner light. Instead, you embrace them with a determined spirit, ready to face whatever challenges come your way.

While the world may not always see your struggles, your perseverance shines through.

7. Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji

Rolling on the floor laughing emoji

If laughter were a sport, you’d be an Olympic gold medalist. If this is your go-to emoji, you have the knack for finding humour in every situation.

Your laughter is contagious, and you’re the friend everyone turns to to brighten their day. You bring joy to the gloomiest days with your witty remarks and funny stories.

Keep spreading those good vibes, but remember to nurture your own happiness too. After all, a well-rested comedian delivers the best punchlines.

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    Feb 14, 2024
    Yoganeetha Sivakumar
    Constance Neo
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