Un-Masked: Forgotten Social Quirks 

Challenge pokes fun at the little things we will have to get used to again now that Singapore is going (increasingly) maskless.
The little things we will have to get used to again now that Singapore is going (increasingly) maskless.

This week marks the first time in over two years that Singaporeans can go mask-free in most indoor settings.

Even though we welcome this new measure, it’s hard to deny that masks let us get away with some ‘awkward potato’ antics. Here are a few social norms we’ll have to get used to again:

1. Stifling Our Yawns

Stifling our yawns

We’ll miss the days when we could yawn widely as many times as we had to, without attracting pointed looks from our colleagues. Pretending that you’re deep in thought as you cover your mouth is a lot more subtle.

2. Smiling in Group Photos

Smiling in group photos

Since no one could tell whether you were actually smiling behind your mask, sometimes it was just easier not to smile in group photos.

3. Grooming the Lower Half of Our Face

Grooming the lower half of our face

Knowing we would spend the whole day masked up meant that we only needed half the effort in our morning routine. But now the time has come once again to pick up our lipsticks and razors.

4. Relearning Faces

Relearning faces

It should be easy to recognise the close colleagues we see every day and have lunch with. But the acquaintances whom we’ve only had a few (masked) conversations with in the last two years might as well be complete strangers.

5. Checking Our Teeth for Bits of Food

Checking Our Teeth for Bits of Food

Going maskless means that people can finally see our mouths… and everything inside them. If you had a salad for lunch, or some biscuits as an afternoon snack, it’s time to hit the bathroom to make sure your teeth are not hiding any colourful surprises.

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    Sep 1, 2022
    Hidayah Md Sham
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