The Public Service’s Least Wanted

Sometimes it's the petty, trivial things that grate the most. The Challenge Unit of Employee Feedback hears you: here are your most disliked office scenarios.
The Public Service's Least Wanted
Man blowing party whistle while looking sad at office party

1. Being the “welfare rep” on a non-existent budget.

Person complaining while holding two big boxes of proposals

2. Collecting multiple tender submissions that don’t fit into the tender box.

Woman pleading "Can give chance?"

3. Explaining to building security for the nth time why you forgot to clear your external visitors.

Angry looking man holding many cables and asking "Which one you want"

4. Realising you don’t have the right video adapter minutes before an important presentation.

Join the poll on One Public Service Workplace and vote for your least wanted scenario (or add your own).

    Apr 18, 2019
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