Singapore's Next Top Public Service Mascot

It’s the battle of the mascots, with Parley (Singapore Parliament) and Merli (Singapore Tourism Board) being the freshest faces. How will your agency’s mascot fare?
Parley the winged lion, representing the Singapore Parliament, does his best pageant wave in the spotlight.
Parley the winged lion does his best pageant wave in the spotlight.

Substance matters

Sure, your mascot’s cute, but what does it all mean? What local values live in your mascot’s glorious mane? What do your mascot’s shape and form represent? Are there any ties to Singapore’s legendary figures, real or imaginary? Tell us more.

Got personality?

Fans love knowing more about your mascot’s passions, pet peeves and causes. What’s your mascot’s favourite brunch spot? What do they think about the latest Star Wars movie? What will they do to bridge the perceived social class divisions among Singaporeans? You know, the important stuff.

What’s the story?

Mascots with a backstory tied to Singapore stand a better chance of being shortlisted. Is your representative an expert in Singlish? What role did they play in nation building? What is their favourite National Day song and why?

A rose by any other…

Non-English names? So Singaporean! Names that actually stand for something longer? Even more Singaporean. Not what your mascot was born with? That’s OK – just invent a nickname with a clever twist, with each letter holding a greater meaning.

Auditions are now open

Cuddly mascots are back in vogue. Will your agency’s mascot be the one to beat? To enter the competition, your mascot must be scalable for both plush toys and mascot costumes (the only height requirement). For weight, be hefty but healthy, and importantly, huggable too. And of course, only locals need apply. Now, nominate your mascots and remember to tell us your favourite!

    Jul 10, 2018
    Ryan Ong
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