Public Inventions of the Year

Introducing 2013’s best ideas from the Challenge Department of Productivity to help public officers do their work better.
Public Inventions of the Year

Public Inventions Of The YearMeeting Room Generator

Oh no! Your boss needs a meeting room pronto, but they’re all booked (as usual). Make that a problem of the past with the Meeting Room Generator, which warps space and time to seek an empty room from the future. Key in your needs – number of tables, chairs, projectors, and size of room – then step through any office door and voilà, you’re on your way to yet another meeting.

Public Inventions Of The YearEmpathy Meter

There has been much talk about hiring staff with empathy. But how does one measure this abstract quality? Find out by pointing the Empathy Meter subtly at anyone. Its high-precision brainwave detector turns bright pink when it senses intense emotional connection.

Public Inventions Of The YearGift Value Assessor

You know the drill when it comes to gifts: they have to be submitted for value assessment if they’re worth more than $50. The portable Gift Value Assessor puts an end to the guessing game. All it takes is a quick scan, and you’ll know how much the gift costs and what to do next.

Public Inventions Of The YearJargon Decoder

When nothing your colleague says seems to make sense, it’s time to whip out the Jargon Decoder. It translates all the gahmengobbledegook into sentences you can actually understand.

INIs the COPS cognisant of all the COPs set up to enhance officers’ capabilities and competencies? Also fair through the OMP, as it will be presented at the SMF.

OUTIs the Committee of Permanent Secretaries aware of all the Communities of Practice set up to enhance officers’ skills? Also, check the Operations Master Plan thoroughly as it will be presented at the Senior Management Forum.


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    Sep 19, 2013
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