Oh For Design's Sake!

The Challenge Department of Dud Design susses out items that flop in functionality.

1-Ply Tissue Paper

In theory:
Saves the earth by reducing the amount of paper used.

Snifflers and toilet users don’t want a mess on their hands, so more tissue paper squares end up being pulled and layered for use.


A Redesigned Website Interface

like Gmail and Google Maps

In theory:
The new design promises to show you more information, in a “responsive and predictive” way.

You can’t find the information you want because there are too many steps and menus to get through first.


Toilet Signs

that are ambiguous

In theory:
Bathroom signs look fancier than those of other bathrooms.

The signs confuse and confound, especially when you need to go urgently.


Heat-Sealed Plastic Clamshell Packaging

(impossible to open without a sharp pair of scissors)

In theory:
Keeps the product safe from theft or breakage, and makes the item easier to display in stores.

The packaging’s edges are sharp enough to cut you, and you need industrial-strength blades to get to the product.


A Transport Card

that is also an ATM card

In theory:
It makes your travel and shopping experience more convenient, and your wallet less cluttered.

You’re out of luck if you use the linked bank account to top up your transport fund, since both functions are on the same card.

Need We Say More?

Here’s where we let the humour loose, and learn to laugh at ourselves a little more. Have ideas or jokes about the Public Service? Email us: psd_challenge@psd.gov.sg

    Mar 19, 2015
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