Cultivating Celebrities

The Challenge Botanical Department has been breeding a collection of celebrity orchids that exude the charisma of the famous people they are modelled after. Guess the celebrities who have inspired these six orchids from our (top-secret) orchidarium.

1. Vanda ferrum-hominis

Known for its strong metallic scent, this orchid is very popular with the ladies.

Cultivating Celebrities

2. Renantanda gangnam-stilo

Look away for just a second and you just might spot this flower breaking into the horse dance out of the corner of your eye.

Cultivating Celebrities

3. Phalaenopsis barbarellia

This showy local flower frequently changes her last name to that of her favouriteang moh of the moment.

Cultivating Celebrities

4. Dendrobium flavo-caligas

This orchid is the self-proclaimed “best in Singapore, JB and, some say, Batam”!

Cultivating Celebrities

5. Mokara materia-puella

One of the first hybrids created in our programme, this long-lasting orchid remains attractive and perky despite its age.

Cultivating Celebrities

6. Oncidium boltinium

No other flower in our collection grows as fast as this competitive orchid,which also stands out due to its frequent showboating.

Cultivating Celebrities

Answers: (1) Iron Man (2) Psy (3) Barbarella (4) Phua Chu Kang (5) Madonna (6) Usain Bolt

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Tay Qiao Wei
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