Your Say: What Job Would You Choose?

We invited readers to share their ideas.
Your Say: What Job Would You Choose?

Daren Tan,
I’d love to be a farmer, tending to herds of cattle and growing fresh, juicy fruits in my lush plantation. Witnessing nature at its very best and transcending the countless life cycles of the cattle and crops brings me closer to the vulnerability of each individual life. A sense of satisfaction is felt when I see the fruits of my labour benefitting mankind. The different phases of life serve as an important reminder that we should cherish and protect precious lives and the natural resources of our earth.

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Terri Koh,
If I could change jobs for a day, I would like to be a kopitiam or hawker centre tour guide. Singapore’s national identity and cohesion is substantially centred around food – and no tourist should leave Singapore without having tried the best of what we can offer in the humble eateries, without having to pay an arm or a leg.

Marc Teoh,
I would love to be a world-beating F1 driver racing for the Red Bulls, which has been dominating the F1 circuit for a couple of years. Motor-racing has always been my passion. I enjoy go-karting, but driving a competitive F1 car is about five times faster. To ice my cake, I would probably win a dramatic and incident-packed Singapore F1 GP and become the first-ever Asian F1 driver to win on home soil.

Yan Chui Ping,
Death is not taboo to me. Therefore, I’d like to be a mortuary make-up artist for a day. Everyone deserves to look their best before their final send-off. This is especially true for an accident victim. Through facial reconstruction, I can let the family remember how their loved one was.

Geraldine Tang Hui Ling,
If I could change jobs for a day, I would like to be part of a matchmaking team. Since young, I have always had a passion for helping others who have trouble finding or attracting their ideal partners, especially those who are ill-equipped in relationship knowledge and do not comprehend the other party’s thoughts (because of gender differences). I experience tremendous joy whenever I see lonely souls finally getting attached and settling down.

Chen Fu Lai,
I’d like to be a garbage collector for a day. It’s a tough and dirty job that no locals want to do. Therefore when I put myself in their shoes, I will then be able to better appreciate the little things in life, and care less about the material items.

Your Say: What Job Would You Choose?

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    Sep 5, 2013
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