YOUR SAY: Keeping Your Spirits Up During COVID-19

Finding happiness from life’s small joys can be a meaningful way of staying positive. Public officers share the little things they do to keep their spirits up during this time of uncertainty.

Public officers share small joys that keep them positive

Winning Entry

After a full day cooped up at home in front of the computer, our dog and I look forward to our evening walks as the one constant in our lives, through rain or shine, Heightened Alert or Circuit Breaker, work from home or hybrid work.

We generally deviate between a few set routes to check on points of interest in the neighbourhood (such as the playground), but have also set off to explore the unknown and discover new vistas. We've seen beautiful sunsets and night skies, witnessed acts of random kindness and not-so-nice behaviours, and even made some new friends (four-legged or otherwise) along the way. 

Even on the busiest days when I don't have time for proper meals, his unending cheer and evident delight at the places we go to and the people we meet are the perfect pick-me-up. Plodding along with him at my side is the best part of my day.

Charmaine Tan, NLB

Thank you for sharing your entry, Charmaine. You win $100 worth of Klook vouchers to continue exploring Singapore, perhaps with your paw pal too!

Other Winning Entries

Showing a little kindness goes a long way

When things are uncertain, adding a little kindness to your day always lifts your spirits. In my case, my kids and I pack lunches and tea for construction workers working in our area upon taking their orders. The happiness in their smiles while collecting our home-cooked food is priceless.

I also meet my colleagues for kopi sessions to make my day feel like any other workday. These small acts reward yourself and as well as others.

Preeti Rajan, URA

I installed a karaoke system with disco lights and soundproofing panels at home and pop into the room whenever I’m feeling low to transport myself to the days of Teo Heng and Cash Studio. It takes all my troubles away!

Violet Lee, MND

In times of uncertainty and with feelings of "being stuck", self-care is extremely important. Instead of my usual way of staying positive by having a short or long vacation, especially by going diving, I have to make do with the little things in life. 

The term "self-care" – which for me, is a matter of doing many little things that I love – is often overused and not fully understood. While I love to immerse myself in self-care, such as playing video games, baking, cooking and spending time with my loved ones, it is also really important to show care and appreciation to others. 

I call it “others-care”. It is a very powerful gesture and gives me a lot of positivity and strength through these tough times. Showing appreciation to my loved ones (by baking for them), spending time with them, or even just reaching out and checking in – these are such simple, uplifting gestures that make myself and others happy.

Asher Tay, SPS

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Staying positive is a daily choice one can make. Thinking about going to school daily to teach makes me smile, for I know I can make a difference in my students’ lives. I have wonderful colleagues who buy yummy food for me and who make me laugh with their stories.

Going home after work makes me happy for I know I have a place called home where my fur-kids (my dogs) are there to welcome me with their wagging tails. I look forward to taking a stroll with my fur-kids daily, having dinner with my husband and talking about our goals and dreams. I can’t wait to welcome motherhood as I prepare for my newborn next month.

While there are days when I feel low, I look back on this list of happiness and remind myself that I have a daily choice to live happily or not.

Find time for yourself (practise self-love), list down the things you are grateful for and you will realise there are so many things to be positive about and keep your spirits up despite the uncertainty.

Jean Chia, MOE

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